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"The KSE has selected Mixit products for their robustness and maturity gained in the U.S. markets. This will standardize our offering, enabling a global reach, hence providing mutual benefits to our members and their international trading partners”.

Adnan Afridi, Managing Director (MD), Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE)

"The Mixit platforms include Mixit FIX and Mixit iFIX (automated FIX testing/certification) and provide the infrastructure and tools required to maintain a resilient, continuously available production environment. Members of the KSE can significantly increase their performance and accuracy”.

Abdullah Jan, Head of Information Technology, Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE)

"The adoption of FIX will allow NCEL to offer a globally-accepted connectivity mechanism, and significantly ramp up its international outreach with regional and international financial institutions.”

Samir Ahmed, Managing Director (MD), National Commodity Exchange Limited (NCEL)

"The successful launch of the Mixit FIX platform is a major milestone for us. In keeping with KASB's tradition of innovation and partnerships, we are pleased to offer an electronic communications network and Direct Market Access (DMA) to KSE for the global investment community. Our priority remains to conform to international best practices and bring greater transparency to our equity trading platform, and we are delighted to have joined hands with Walter and his team.”

Farrukh Sabzwari, Chief Executive Officier (CEO), Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari (KASB) Securities

"Thanks for the great work and support throughout our testing phases. We've successfully passed all the three phases and have gone live."

Lennox Francis, Project Support Consultant, Trillium Health Center (457-bedded Hospital)

“Thank you very much for all your effort in getting WebChart back up and running as quickly as possible! Your help in this is greatly appreciated. I know that some of your work was spent undoing (and re-doing) changes I made because of my own assumptions. And for that, you are to be thanked for your professionalism. Even though the work went late tonight, you were still attentive to detail and responsive to any problems. Again, thank you. My best regards to all involved.”

Senior Database Analyst (257-bedded Hospital in the Puget Sound Area)

“We looked at three, MEDITECH, MSM and Shams. I say we looked at MSM's, but when we contacted them, they actually told us they didn't have a product. It was a 100% vote to go with Shams from about 20 individuals involved in the selection process. Based on questions asked and answers received, it was obvious our presenter was well-informed on the MEDITECH side, as well as knowing Microsoft SQL (database engine that all three vendors are using) and related technologies. The implementation time was seven months for financials, and three more months for clinical from the contract’s signing. We have signed an addendum, and are already looking at another, when we purchase PCS and add-ons for LSS (physician billing database). We are doing some very exciting things with our warehouse/repository data including:

• Forward needs' analysis projections
• Medications with DX studies
• Noscomial Infections Studies
• Building Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cubes that users access via Excel Pivot Tables, (our users love this!!!) Also playing with accessing OLAP cubes via Microsoft SharePoint Portal (exciting stuff!)
• Just starting to look at connecting our new OR system in Oracle on a UNIX platform to our warehouse. (Will probably do this as a linked server or just use the data via ODBC connection in SQL Data Transformation Services)

Shams Group is a forward-looking company that maintains the technology staff to support Microsoft SQL, and we have never regretted our choice for one moment. I'll go ahead and tell you what you will find out shortly if you look at Shams, that they are more expensive. But this is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. Case in point...October 17th of this year, our data warehouse server crashed. We lost three hard drives from a RAID 5 array due to a controller fan problem. There is no way to recover from this type of loss, so our only choice was to restore from backup. All we did was recover the hardware, put in our backup tape set, and call Shams, they took over from there. One full backup and six incremental to restore, a daunting task for anyone!”

Database Administrator (DBA) (255-bedded Independent, Not-For-Profit, Public Service Organization)

“We are C/S 5.2, SR7 and have had Galaxy, the Shams data warehouse, for about a year. We are very happy with the Shams Company. We have their Transcriptor for transcription, and their Galactica for scanning. They have been very willing to work with us for problems and improvements to all their products, and are always very timely in responding. There are many advantages to Galaxy over NPR reports. We use Access to write reports. To me, it is much easier to understand the tables in Galaxy. Also, the report wizard usually is sufficient for the reports I write. A report that may take four hours to compile in NPR may take a couple of minutes in Galaxy. Another advantage is that all tables from MEDITECH are downloaded to Galaxy. When we were comparing the Shams product to MEDITECH's data repository, we found that MEDITECH provided the tables that they thought we might want. Shams provide all the tables.”

Application Analyst (110-bedded Hospital Serving an Eight-County Area)

Project Director, USAID Pakistan, Legislative Strengthening Project
"The ESOLPK team demonstrated good project management, requirement analysis, and graphical techniques while developing the websites. The team was cooperative and accessible, came up with easy and quick solutions, and made sure that the progress of a technical project is continuously assessed. The team also went the extra steps necessary to be sure that the staff actually staffed with maintaining the sites could do so confidently and without supervision. They were quick to troubleshoot and accommodating to requests for adjustments."

Mark Blake, Compound Medications, Advertising Group LLC., USA
"ESOLPK team has delivered an outstanding performance with a degree of professionalism unmatched by any other developer in my experience. They are expedient and show clear commitment to the project above all else. Further, our team has submitted dozens of changes through the development process and ESOLPK responds by simply working harder - it is very refreshing. For these reasons and many more, I highly recommend ESOLPK for projects of virtually any scale and complexity."

Mike Dobson, DCI, USA
"The bottom line is that ESOLPK has an impressive line of web applications and software development offerings, and any company considering Web applications and software development should place ESOLPK high at the top of their list of services providers."

Gerry Plante, Massachusetts Hospital Association, USA
"My experience with ESOLPK has been outstanding. They are professional, responsive, and genuinely interested in seeing you satisfied with the project. The account managers and project managers really take the time to understand your wants and needs and they go the extra mile to make the project a success. I would highly recommend ESOLPK without hesitation."

Project Director, USAID Pakistan, Legislative Strengthening Project

“When Allvoices sought to build the world's leading citizen-reporting site, we wanted to augment our in-house team with a partner who understood our space and was capable of the out-of-the-box thinking required to help us meet our aggressive targets.

We did not want consultants; the task required professionals who would roll up their sleeves to do whatever it takes to get the job done right, the first time. We wanted their success tied to our success. Askoli delighted us with its insight into improving usability, QA, building community and driving traffic. After engaging with Askoli our traffic and registered user base surged by orders of magnitude.

What was most impressive was that whenever there was an issue, Askoli was right there to help -- even if it was beyond the scope of our agreement. It was like dealing with someone down the street who was available 24x7.

Askoli truly became a part of our team and delivered for us. We would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone needing these types of development services."

Amra Tareen, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Allvoices, Inc.

"To achieve its vision of reshaping the lives of its customers, Mobilink wanted to provide a powerful Internet experience to its growing base of broadband customers and existing base of thirty million mobile telecom service subscribers.
We wanted to empower, entertain and inform our customers through integrating their laptop or desktop-based Internet experience with the power of handheld-based mobility. Askoli helped us understand the space, visualize the possibilities, and strategize our way forward.
Mobilink has become a leader of the mobile sector by hiring and partnering with the best talent available. We trusted the deep expertise of the Askoli team in business-to-consumer product development, new media, and in making their customers succeed; we were not disappointed.
There is no substitute for the "cuts and bruises" of experience, and, clearly, the many business-to-consumer products developed by the Askoli team has provided them with insights that were simply not available elsewhere."

Naeem Y. Zamindar, Vice President and Head, Broadband Business Division, Mobilink House

"Count us impressed. We hope the current project expands and plan to call on Askoli for future work. Askoli has been an outstanding company — the quality of project deliverables is “excellent”. It has been extremely helpful to have Askoli as a team member and not just a contractor. This makes all the difference for us."

J Stan Hjartberg, Principal, Marin Boulder LLC

“It is wonderful to work with your team – you and Tom and the rest of the senior leaders have instilled wonderful qualities of professionalism, service, and quality in the employees at all levels. Touchstone is our “shining star” partner and the team makes each day and each meeting pleasurable.”

Jessica Manna, Vice President (VP), Residential Finance Corporation

“Touchstone has been one of our top performing call center partners. They demonstrate a high level of professionalism and prospect management abilities.”

Peter E. Harvey Jr, Intellidyn Corporation

“Touchstone is a valued partner of ours, and an integral part of our overall marketing strategy. On top of being responsive and efficient, their professionals are a delight to interact with, and the consistency of their performance adds marked stability to our monthly lead volume. Touchstone’s telemarketing services have become a key component of channel diversification for us, and they have contributed a remarkable amount of agility to our marketing approach in a swiftly changing market.”

Rich Warner, iFreedomDirect

“We have a long-standing partnership with Touchstone Communications and appreciate their commitment and professionalism. Our needs are constantly changing, but the people at Touchstone are always willing to work with us and be flexible.”

Steve Hess, Executive Vice President (EVP) Marketing, Nationstar Mortgage

“BankIslami Pakistan considers Avanza Solutions one of its key business partners. This relationship has enabled BankIslami to achieve yet another critical milestone. We thank the entire Avanza project team in putting together an excellent effort, and look forward to working closely in the future.”

BankIslami Pakistan Ltd.

“We had a number of technical and marketing requirements in mind when we began shopping for an embedded OS. We chose the Nucleus RTOS because of its proven reputation, flexible business model and the wide variety of middleware components available. Each of these advantages will help us keep our ThinQ serial device servers one step ahead of the competition.”

David Johnson, Product Marketing Manager, Quatech

“SigmaTec Unify has features that take care of all our business needs with its complete automation of processes, reports, security, and knowledge repositories. It also span across our user needs too. Now we can easily calculate wages and salaries at the factory as well as head office level assign shifts and ensure all personnel are employed productively. SigmaTec Unify has enabled our business processes to be a lot more useful and productive. Commendable! ”


“We are glad to have chosen SigmaTec Unify for providing us an automated and integrated ERP solution. We are pleased with the software and all its in-built features. The quality and functionality are unsurpassed. The SigmaTec’s team worked well through every phase – design, development, and deployment. Now, we cut out on a lot of unnecessary training cost and process time. Maintaining the data for hundreds of contractor commission based on accurate production of carpets was a hassle. Performance of SigmaTec Unify, as expected, is superb and whilst we have barely scratched the surface of its true capabilities, we know that in time we will be relying on its enterprise-level feature set to keep our business administration in order. “


“SigmaTec Unify is a structured and comprehensive business solution ensuring that all appropriate elements required for a business process is considered and effectively executed. At the same time SigmaTec Unify is flexible enough to take into account the specific customization of our business so that activities could be adjusted where needed to optimize implementation as the appropriate fit for our company. Today with use of the SigmaTec unify, our company can easily manage the in-house plastic production along with the production which is out sourced. All of the data is managed and stored centrally, even that the production house, head office and warehouses are geographically dispersed. With the use of SigmaTec Unify the tracking of inventory at various levels are easy, accurate and speedy. While during deployment implementation process, SigmaTec displayed a high level of professionalism and attention to detail and its coordination of the varied activities with our company resources is creditable.”

Waqar Plastic

"Using cutting-edge application software solutions tailored to suit our requirements, NetSol have provided their knowledge and expertise of the finance and leasing industry to ensure an award-winning result."

Mike Francis, Investec Asset Finance Public limited company (plc)

"Our decision to select NetSol has proven to be well-founded. The all-round capabilities of the software, support provided and the ability of an organization to deliver on its promises are vital factors on which NetSol has met our expectations. We look forward to expanding our relationship by rolling out the NetSol platform to other countries in the future."

Rev. Dr. K. B. Dost, Managing Director, D & D Leasing UK Ltd.

"Having used a number of solutions and solution providers in my career, NetSol stand apart from the others by providing efficient, cost-effective, world-class IT solutions that truly deliver to the highest standard.”

Susan Hinton-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Singers Healthcare Finance Ltd.

"Our initial confidence in NetSol was confirmed by the depth of industry expertise and openness we have found in its people during the business process analysis.

The relationship with NetSol has been important - we formed an excellent partnership. Where differences arose during the project, the relationship was good enough for these not to threaten it. It was reassuring to be able to access the top levels of NetSol's management whenever we needed to.

The bottom line is that we would strongly recommend NetSol."

Peter Taylor, Managing Director, Scania Finance Great Britain Ltd.

"Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia Proprietary limited company (Pty) Ltd. has been utilizing the products and development services of NetSol since 1998. We have been involved in the co-design and development of Proposal Management and Settlements Management Systems created especially for use in the Australian market. Both these products have been in production at DaimlerChrysler Financial Services for the past three years.

Our relationship with NetSol will be consolidated with the completion of this project, and we look forward to our continuing association with Mr. Salim Ghauri and his team."

Wilfried Plath, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Australia

"...Netsol is one of our preferred partners in the area of system development/implementation and maintenance. They provide a variety of technical and business-related skills, combined with a customer-oriented and proactive approach."

Eugene Beckert (Former Chief Information Officer), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Asia-Pacific Region

"We chose NetSol because they shared our vision of achieving as much common functionality between countries as possible, and because of their real leasing industry and technology expertise.

To run a Pan-European business, you need control and reporting on contracts in many dimensions. You need to serve local official requirements from auditors and authorities (or Finance Inspection). You need centralized and uniform reporting for internal purposes. Additionally, you need to handle different currencies and reporting on both country-level and business line-level, and need to have control of where you get your profitability and where you do not. For this complex request, you need a flexible system with a database which is user-friendly. It has been a long way together with NetSol, but in the end we feel that we have achieved all these requirements."

Stefan Hising, Head, Business Line IT Financing, and Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Capital Services

“Working with Sharpimage has always been a pleasure. The way they give their projects their time and undivided attention makes all the difference.”

Asim Raza, Advertisement Filmmaker, The Vision Factory

“Sharpimage has again delivered beyond expectations in the fourth episode of the Milkateer. I believe kids will love this one more than any of the previous episodes. The creative team has been able to express our complex UHT process in a simplified way, which I'm sure kids will be able to understand easily. I look forward to achieving strong business results from the airing of this episode.”

Ali Siddiqui, Marketing Manager Dairy, Tetrapak

"Ismail Industries Ltd. has had a long and fruitful relationship with Sharpimage. Over the years, the team at Sharpimage has proven to be consistent and reliable in terms of both quality of work, and speed of execution. Probably the biggest advantage of working with Sharpimage for us has been the level of detail to which Amyn, Tahir and their entire team delve into the concept. The value addition which results from this approach eventually leads to the conclusion that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. There are several such projects, but one which stands out is the first episode of Cocomo, in which the team at Sharpimage worked exceptionally well to flesh out a "bare-bones" script and concept - to the complete satisfaction of all the stakeholders concerned."

Sumera Mansoore, Marketing Manager, Ismail Industries Ltd.

“Soneri Bank’s entire real-time e-banking and alternate delivery channel solution has been provided, installed and maintained by TPS. It has been SBL’s strategic technology partner since its inception. TPS has developed an unparalleled skills-set in the e-banking and e-payment industry. It has created its name as a pioneer due to its innovative products and solutions, end-to-end project management, business consultancy and customer support services.”

Mohammad Haider Devjianie, Executive Vice President (EVP), Soneri Bank Ltd.

“Over the years, we have found TPS increasingly professional, delivering projects on time and working with us like a team. Bringing the point-of-sale processing of the nation’s largest retail network in-house is indeed a massive venture, where the biggest challenge is to migrate seamlessly to the new environment within the planned time. TPS’s scalable and cost-effective solutions, its domain and technical expertise made it our first choice.”

Adil Rashid, Head, Consumer Finance Division, Bank Alfalah Ltd.

"We were delighted with the quality of candidates we were able to hire through our partnership with ROZEE.PK. EFL is a rapidly-growing company, and our people are our most important asset. Our online hiring experience has yielded an excellent return on investment as compared to conventional methods."

Shafaq Omar, General Manager, Human Resources, Engro Foods Ltd. (EFL)

“It's great to be a part of ROZEE.PK, as it gives us so many unique features to keep pace with our growing human capital requirements. We have recently had lots of success using the ROZEE portal, and recommend that every company use their services.”

Ayaz Ali Leghari, Recruitment and Selection Executive, Corporate HRD, Descon Engineering Ltd.

“National Foods has been using ROZEE.PK for over three years. It meets 90% of our diversified requirements, from the entry-level to the management-level. Another reason for carrying on with this mutually-beneficial relationship is the fact that ROZEE.PK gives us the necessary visibility that our brand requires as an employer.”

Elishba John, Assistant Manager (AM), Talent Management, National Foods Ltd.

“ROZEE.PK is a dynamic online platform, and Qarshi is privileged to use its premium services, successfully recruiting for our entry, mid and senior-level openings. The best part of ROZEE.PK is their Key Accounts service, which provides efficient and accurate results.”

Sajid Aziz, Manager HR, Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

“We would like to comment on the effective services provided by ROZEE.PK for recruitment in different disciplines and capacities at SGS. The entire team at ROZEE, especially the Key Accounts team, is very efficient, and is always ready to extend their support.”

Syed Zafar Ali, Head, Human Resources, SGS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

ROZEE.PK has enabled us to streamline our recruitment process, and significantly decrease our turnaround-time, which further helps us strengthen our business relationships. ROZEE's services have helped us minimize our costs considerably by reducing our need to employ alternative modes of recruitment.”

Asma Ahmed, Manager, Human Resource Projects, United Bank Ltd. (UBL)

“ROZEE's team focuses on the delivery of relevant recruitment services, designed to address particular staffing objectives and strategies. ROZEE's web recruitment and CV search facility has provided us a channel to one of the most innovative approaches to recruiting available in the Pakistani market.”

Owais Ahmed, Human Resource Manager, Habib Oil Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.

“ROZEE.PK is definitely a very effective way to get to the right candidate at the right time. It is also the quickest possible way to gain access to thousands of resumes with just a click of a button.”

Tehreem Atif, Assistant Manager, Human Resources, Ufone

“We have lots of people who apply to Telenor online because of ROZEE.PK. It never ceases to amaze me how much talent ROZEE.PK has, and employers are spoilt by choice.”

Nayab Baig, Vice President, Human Resources, Telenor

“Rozee has versatile recruitment tools that enabled us to find many candidates for a broad spectrum of positions, from the academia to the top management. It's friendly, it's accessible, and it’s fast. A tool for all progressive companies.”

Elena Naeem, Human Resources Manager, Beaconhouse

ROZEE.PK is committed toward constantly revolutionizing the job market through newer technology. Instead of going to the public, we go to ROZEE.PK, and then we get directed to a focused group, where we can do our hiring in a much better way.”

Khurrum Qadeer Baig, Manager, Corporate Affairs, GEO TV

“We launched our HR brand last year, and ROZEE.PK acted as an extension to that. It is a very convenient platform for employers and job-seekers to get the perfect fit. This has generally been revolutionary.”

Syed Zulfiqar, Head, Staffing and Compensation, Mobilink

“I have had the pleasure of working with the AMOS Global team for over six years. They have been pivotal in growing our business through the provision of high-standard data capture and quality QC services. Their communication skills are excellent, and I would strongly recommend using this company.”

C. M. Gillespie, Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Intelligence Ltd.

“We have worked with AMOS Global for six years, and have been thoroughly impressed with their service and their commitment to excellence. Lots of outsourcing companies talk a good game, but AMOS deliver month in month out, year in year out. I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Ian Hughes, Managing Director, Consumer Intelligence Ltd.

“Any business doubtful of outsourcing to Pakistan should have no second thoughts. Over the last ten years, the AMOS/Abacus team has consistently delivered truly global standards in every service aspect, with management capability, open communication, detailed project management and, ultimately, superb technical expertise. AMOS should be on every IT procurement list.“

Alan Stewart, former CEO, Communication Intelligence

“I’ve worked with Azhar and the Amos team for many years on e-mail marketing. The last campaign we produced together, for Volvo Trucks, was particularly complex, created in a highly-compressed time schedule in twelve European languages, then transmitted to recipients across all these countries at often challenging times specified by the client. As always, the Amos team worked tirelessly and efficiently throughout, and the campaign was a great success.“

David Nadel, Creative Director, Eye2Eye Communications
SrinivasRao, Senior Manager IT, MTN Ghana
Albert Dadson, Data Center Manager, IT Infrastructure, Vodafone Africa
Haider Raza, General Manager, IT and Telecom, Geo TV
Adnan Masood, Project Director, TCS
SaadMoten, Manager IT (e-Services), Warid Telecom

Time Trax is a core application in CCBPL to monitor the attendance of all its permanent employees and third party labor. More than 8000 employees, with a network of 18 locations and sales centers in Pakistan use more than 38 devices.

Time Trax is a web-based and easy-to-use and multi-user environment system, to capture the attendance and leave management, with multiple attendance input options such as (RFID, biometrics and passwords). This system is integrated with other applications such as an employee payroll system and SAP.

The success of this application is based on excellent support from Efrotech’s management and its team commitment, which strengthens the relations of customers. We are totally confident and satisfied with the system and the team.

Abaidullah Anwer, Manager Business Systems, Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd.

“EfroTech staff, your technical skills and business relations have been superb. After performing a thorough search for custom software developers prior to choosing your company, I have been very pleased with your patience, ability, and ultimately the final products. The quality is great, the coordination and development fantastic, and the software cost-effective. I would recommend your services to any business in need of an enterprise solution.”


eMage has been a pleasure to work with. The staff is the most comprehensive and knowledgeable I have ever dealt with. This is our fourth and final attempt at a website, thanks to eMage. They truly have given us the e-commerce tool we were looking for to help better serve our clients and manage orders and inventories.

Tahir Ali, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), JEWELRY CONNECTION INC. (DALLAS, USA)

We are happy with the way our new website turned out. I would like to take this opportunity to personally commend the eMage team for their tireless efforts, professionalism, creativity, timely response, and above all, the attitude with which they approached our project. I am impressed. Our new website reflects the obvious difference. Most certainly, we will Insha'Allah extend this working relationship in future.

Syed Adnan Hasan, Marketing Manager, PAK-QATAR FAMILY & GENERAL TAKAFUL LTD.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with EfroTech.The focus and determination of EfroTech's team is commendable, the solution provided by EfroTech is timely and suitable. They are available, with their expertise, whenever the need arises. EfroTech has proven our decision of selecting their services profitable by adding real value to business.”

Elizabeth Von Atzigen, Director Of Human Resources, Sheraton Karachi Hotel & Tower

“We are very pleased with the TimeTrax attendance system by EfroTech. It is a very useful tool which is easy to use with good reports. Overall it is an excellent product.

We would like to thank the EfroTech staff for a professional job in the implementation of this product, which did not interrupt our daily work schedules.

We would prefer to use their other products without hesitation”.


“My company provides human capital management services for the UK Government Health Department, and we use Ikonami for bespoke software development where need be. Ikonami has led the creation of web-based software tools accessible to over one million employees. Having looked at a number of other providers, I'm continually impressed by Ikonami's ability to deliver rapid solutions, and also with their willingness to challenge existing thinking and suggest new ways of doing things. I have no hesitation in recommending Ikonami."

Tim Newham, Managing Director, Think Associates Ltd.

"Team Ikonami have been a constant and invaluable source of professional and technical support over the years of working with them. The team have consistently impressed me with their patience in understanding my needs and with the speed, flexibility and creativity they demonstrate through their delivery. I have very high expectations of the people I work with. I am never disappointed by Ikonami."

Jason McLeod, Founder, Agile Tribe Ltd.

“We were looking for an outsourcing option that would not only deliver value to us in time, but was also flexible enough to cater to our changing needs. We found such a relationship possible with Ovex. Excellent Customer Service and an incredible business partner!”

Waqar Nisar, CIO, SNGPL

“I would like to thank Ovex for all the assistance in helping resolve our remote support issues. It has been quite a long and testing challenge for us, but your team has managed to persevere, with limited assistance on our part, and I must commend you for that. You have proven yourselves in helping to resolve our difficult service requests while not many other companies had the technical background or competence to help resolve these issues.”

Edwin Libot, Support Manager, TRT Systems

“We are always pioneering ways to improve the level of service that we extend to our valued customers, a centralized helpline, consult and delivery service was something new to Pakistan and for us speed to market was crucial. Ovex has supported our contact center requirements from day one and the partnership has helped in making thousands of our customers trust our home delivery option.”

Noman Faisal, General Manager Human Resources, Servaid Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.

“Thanks largely to Ovex we now have the ability to solve the customers’ problems faster and simultaneously document them down to the very last piece of available information. By doing this we’ve generated detailed reports on the trends and sources of the customers’ dissatisfactions, which allowed us, not only, to create fixes for frequently occurring problems, but also the capability to repair the cause.
The Ovex team responds to all our queries fast and has always been on top of their game. Their innovative and flexible solutions have helped us come a long way in improving our focus on customer services.”

Syed Hasan Askari,Customer Relation, Service Sales Corporate (Pvt.) Ltd.

“As we started operations in Pakistan, we were looking for a regional partner with domain expertise who could help streamline our back office accounting requirements instead of doing it in-house. OvexTech proved to be that partner in not only fulfilling our requirements but adding more value to our accounting function, reaffirming our confidence in the outsourcing model and allowing us to serve our clients better. Their professionalism and the way they deal with our requirements is exceptional.”

Sulman Ahmed, Managing Director, MAN Diesel & Turbo Pakistan (Private) Limited

“With all the negative publicity in the media, working with Pakistan seemed like a gamble of sorts but over the time that we outsourced our IT support services to Ovex Technologies Pakistan we realized it to be the best strategic investment we had made all year. Not only did we meet our sharp deadlines but we were managed by an increasingly efficient and competent technical staff which required little or no input from our part to fully grasp our IT domain and seamlessly offer support that was both timely and cost effective. We are sold to the idea of outsourcing and Ovex is our outsourcing partner of choice.”

Usman Ahmed, CEO, Triple R Technologies
Best in Operational Excellence – 2009-2010 – P@SHA AWARDS

“It was very easy and smooth working with Imperial Soft”

Mrs. Sohail/Principal/Tehzibul Akhlaq Trust

We have been working with Moftak since 2007 when they took over the management of our existing website and back-end systems. Since then we have worked with them in re-developing our systems from the ground up and also developing some completely new applications. We have found them to be reliable, consistent and flexible, we look to continuing to work with them.


Working with Moftak was an extraordinary experience which I never anticipated from an offshore company. They have a very professional, dedicated team that their availability, response and capability will certainly amaze everyone. For critical software projects that time and budget are tight, Moftak was the only rational choice for me. I could achieve far more value for the money, on each of the several projects that I did with them.


Islam Channel has been with Moftak Solutions since the commencement of its website in 2005. Moftak Solutions has made the Islam Channel website a complete success. Their friendly staff has worked diligently on making sure every aspect of the Islam Channel website works seamlessly; from the discussion forums to the programmed schedule. Moftak has been a great help.


We are most appreciative of the beautiful website you designed for Volunteer Prince William and how attentive you have been to needs. We appreciate your quick response to any questions and especially your ability to convert IT language so it is easy for us non-IT people to understand. It is a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to a long-lasting partnership.


Moftak Solutions are a pleasure to work with; they offer genuine solutions and uncomplicated advice. Their quality of service and response times are absolutely first class. My web site was up and running within a few days and any changes are made almost instantly. More importantly they offer exceptional value for money.


“I am pleased to inform you that your company MIT is now on our top priority list in any IT Procurement Query/purchases. You are always in the loop when any query relevant to IT arises. This is only made possible because of your outstanding services, coordination and concern for our company.  You have always been helpful and a very pleasant personality. We recognize your efforts/services and I hope for a sustainable professional relationship with you and your company. “

Ahsan Iqbal Malik, Procurement Manager, Winrock PACCD

“MIT is one of the good Dell distributors in Pakistan. MIT staff has good Knowledge about Dell products. Behavior of the MIT people shows professionalism and courtesies when discuss any issue or concern.”

Farooq Shah, IT Manager Infrastructure & Support, ICI Pakistan Limited

1- Excellent after sale services
2- Competitive Rates
3- Good quality Products
4- Close interaction with organization to organization.
5- Good Technical Staff.

Mohsin Raza, Purchase Officer, BV Consumer Products Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

We are very pleased with the quality of services that you have provided to our company. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business.

“Thank you for your follow ups for warranty issues or purchasing a new system”

Such Commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that we will continue to do business with MIT for years to come.

Atif Ahsan, IT Manager, International Resources Group (IRG), USAID, Energy Efficiency and Capacity (EEC) Project
Logo MariaB

“… I have never been a technology person but I knew enough to see that there existed tremendous room for growth by implementing a retail software solution. We were pleased to see that Lumensoft had a ready to implement product that needed barely any modification to run on our business. A few months after implementation I can get a current bird’s eye view of my business and can alter direction to focus on items that are selling well. I would definitely recommend Lumensoft to any retailer….“

Maria B. the founder and owner of the business

Maria. B.

I have been nothing but pleased and excited with your services! In the past four years you have exceeded every expectation I had. I have nothing but praise for your technical & support staff. Not only are they extremely friendly, they are very knowledgeable and have always done everything they could to help us.

Shehzad Elahi, Chief Executive

Mushroom Kingdom

We found this product well built because it keeps track of the stock in the head office and retail outlets as well. We are also monitoring daily sales activities with the help of daily data replicated feature from Shops to Head Office. The system manages stock transfers between the head office to retail shops and also between retail shops. Keeping in view the future prognosis, we are also using auto generated order sheets with the help of Candela Software.

Jawad Musaddiq, Director

Urban Sole

"Your team has done an excellent job on the rebranding efforts, the system looks great.I appreciate the flexibility and speed of the work throughout all the different iterations changes of this enhancement. Excellent job!
Thank you!  "
Norma Morrison
Product Development Manager

Norma Morrison Product Development Manager Fiserv

"Royal Cyber has done an exceptional job on this app, and we should use them for future  development. "
Bob Weber
Indian River Medical Center

Bob Weber Indian River Medical Center

"You can trust on them no doubt about it, US based staff was very helpful at all stages and I was directly in touch with my allotted resource. No hassle no delays "

Daniel thePlumTreeGroup

"A talented team that can quickly grasp the problem and implement the solution. "
Tom Gimbel

Tom Gimbel TheLassalleNetwork

"Web-enablement of Integrated Pricing Systems has enormously streamlined our business processes. Most importantly everything works on our old hardware. "
Dennis Harshman

Dennis Harshman AVERITT

Before investing in Candela we did a thorough market research and tried to map many local and international software on our apparel business. Candela was the best match to our requirements. Now we are using Candela for more than a year and we are very much satisfied with its performance. It manages our retail operations through company owned shops and franchisees, accurately and efficiently.

Zubair Shehzad Kazi, General Manager Finance

Globe Management (Wrangler)

ELEMED SURGICAL - "...we found HoneyComb®ERP a complete application according to our requirements..."


DR FRIGZ INTERNATIONAL - "...We were surprised when we used HoneyComb®ERP, It made our processes transparent..."


MEDICAL DEVICES - "...We hope that HoneyComb®ERP will help in smoothing our organizational processes..."


COMCEPT - "...Being a manufacturer and service provider at a time, HoneyComb®ERP is the only solution fulfilling our all needs..."


Jeroen Meens, Cynex bvba
“At Cynex we are revolutionizing the accountancy market. An online financial dashboard with up-to-date figures and analysis features is part of the very essence of our company offerings.

We trusted the development of our flagship product to Zeropoint.IT, as they simultaneously offered the flexibility of an experienced offshore development team, and the peace of mind of dealing with a local partner. Our collaboration resulted in a truly marvelous financial dashboard in record time!”

Revolutionizing the accountancy market

Charles Dekkers, Interaktivity

“When a customer with which we already had a long standing successful business relationship asked us if we could help them build their B2B customer portal, we realised that we had to look for a technical partner. Via a good reference, we started talking with Zeropoint.IT.

Soon, we saw that we were sharing the table with an appropriate party. Zeropoint.IT’s technical knowledge and experience with the development of custom web applications were a perfect match to our strengths on usability and information-architecture. In our first project together, each party could focus on their own strengths. This resulted in a very happy customer.

We are looking forward to our next project with our guys in Pakistan, which whom we have grown personally acquainted to!”

Focus on own strengths

“In the period 2008-2010, I visited our Zeropoint team (up to six Java web developers) in Pakistan four times. Every time, I was welcomed with the famous hospitality of the subcontinent. Zeropoint assisted us with the whole process of company invitation, visa application and flight booking up to the arrival in Islamabad. They really made all necessary arrangements for a pleasant stay near our team.

On top of that, my visits were spiced up with wonderful tourism intermezzos during the weekend, making it not only super efficient weeks in terms of work, but a lot of fun as well.”

Visits to Pakistan

Frank Dekervel, Digiridoo gcv

“Zeropoint’s facilities to receive customers at their office in Pakistan are great!”

“Zeropoint’s facilities to receive customers at their office in Pakistan are great!”

“At Cynex we are revolutionizing the accountancy market. An online financial dashboard with up-to-date figures and analysis features is part of the very essence of our company offerings.

We trusted the development of our flagship product to Zeropoint.IT, as they simultaneously offered the flexibility of an experienced offshore development team, and the peace of mind of dealing with a local partner. Our collaboration resulted in a truly marvelous financial dashboard in record time!”

— Jeroen Meens, Cynex bvba

Revolutionizing the accountancy market

“When a customer with which we already had a long standing successful business relationship asked us if we could help them build their B2B customer portal, we realised that we had to look for a technical partner. Via a good reference, we started talking with Zeropoint.IT.

Soon, we saw that we were sharing the table with an appropriate party. Zeropoint.IT’s technical knowledge and experience with the development of custom web applications were a perfect match to our strengths on usability and information-architecture. In our first project together, each party could focus on their own strengths. This resulted in a very happy customer.

We are looking forward to our next project with our guys in Pakistan, which whom we have grown personally acquainted to!”

— Charles Dekkers, Interaktivity

Focus on own strengths

“In the period 2008-2010, I visited our Zeropoint team (up to six Java web developers) in Pakistan four times. Every time, I was welcomed with the famous hospitality of the subcontinent. Zeropoint assisted us with the whole process of company invitation, visa application and flight booking up to the arrival in Islamabad. They really made all necessary arrangements for a pleasant stay near our team.

On top of that, my visits were spiced up with wonderful tourism intermezzos during the weekend, making it not only super efficient weeks in terms of work, but a lot of fun as well.”

— Frank Dekervel, Digiridoo gcv

Visits to Pakistan

We trusted the development of our flagship product to Zeropoint.IT, as they simultaneously offered the flexibility of an experienced offshore development team, and the peace of mind of dealing with a local partner”

-- Jeroen Meens, Cynex bvba

Jeroen Meens, Cynex bvba

“Zeropoint’s facilities to receive customers at their office in Pakistan are great!”

-- Frank Dekervel, Digiridoo gcv

Frank Dekervel, Digiridoo gcv

"Thank you for such excellent service and please keep up the great work!"

Carla J. Lambert, Managing Director, LCC

"MTBC Billing team never lets a claim go. We had aging claims well past 200 days and they are still at it, following them and getting us paid! Excellent work team! Keep at it!"

Shedoc, PLLC

"MTBC's Meaningful Use Coaches helped us achieve the Medicare incentive. We highly appreciate all the time and effort they put into helping us. Thank you for having such a great group of employees on your team."

Arthritis Management LLC

"I want to thank MTBC's billing department for all of their hard work over the past month. As new clients, it has been a pleasure to work with MTBC and they are doing a fantastic job. Thanks again!"

Jilma P. DiCarlo, Managing Director

"I am delighted with the prompt and thorough attention given my claims by MTBC's billing team. The turnaround on questions is astounding at times. I am very fortunate!"

Douglas J. Binder, Managing Director

Industry News

Legal Aid Society to Open Contact Center in Karachi, Will offer free legal advisory services to public
Wed, 09/17/2014 - 10:00

Initiative aims to spread the awareness about rights of the citizens from the contact center and provide free information and advisory services on legal matters to the public.

KARACHI, 10 Sep, 2014 - ZRG, a provider of unified contact center solutions, has signed an agreement with the renowned social welfare NGO Legal Aid Society to provide state-of-the-art contact center technology for the Legal Aid Advisory Center in Pakistan. This upcoming contact center will provide helpful information and expert opinions on legal matters free of cost to the poor and underprivileged, especially among women, children and minorities.

Contact centers play a vital role for both the callers and service providers in making the effective delivery of information and services possible. "The Legal Aid Advisory Contact Center is being launched as part of the Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Civic Engagement (EDACE) initiative,", says Barrister Haya Zahid, Project Director, Legal Aid Society. "The purpose of the advisory service is to empower the masses by enhancing the level of awareness of fundamental rights, enforcement mechanisms and remedial measures available under the law. The advisory helpline will be manned by experienced lawyers dedicated to answering queries relating to a plethora of issues. Special help desks will be created for addressing issues faced by women and minorities".

The new contact center will be a first of its kind legal advisory services in the region offering free services to the public. Assistance will be available in languages including Urdu, Sindhi and English. The service will cover the entire province of Sindh, Pakistan. The center plans to open the phone lines in the very near future.

For further information you may contact the services provider at +9221 3431 3222. Full picture album of the signing ceremony occasion event can be viewed in the Photos section of our facebook page.

Few words about IT Portal

If you are seeking technology, solution, or service that can transform details into your strategic decisions, leverage IT to reach out to new markets, deploy new solutions, products and technology, talk to our Solutions, Services, Technologies and Industries teams today.

The top most concern for industries and businesses today is managing a growing volume of structured/ unstructured data, avoiding process delays, time sensitive work schedules, feared of cost over runs. PORTAL/ BRAND NAME can help transform your dreams, KPI, and processes, give a better perspective and add value to your business.


Outsourcing can be an extremely complex and complicated undertaking. Each facet of the exercise needs to be carefully considered and properly executed. There is little margin for error if full value is to be obtained.

However, this need not be a trauma, nor an adventure of blind exploration. The potential benefits are well documented, and strategic outsourcing is now mature enough for the path to have been trodden countless times previously.

But how do you ensure that the lessons learned by others (sometimes the hard way) are put to good use? How do you ensure that you don't re-invent the wheel repeatedly? How do you manage the whole exercise as effectively and efficiently as possible?

The answer to all these question is the same... The Outsourcing

Case Studies

DDFC (Pvt.) Ltd. has been one of the leading engineering manufacturing solutions companies in Pakistan for over 30 years. With its evolving IT and business needs, DDFC required a solution that would bring about workflow automation, process consistency and organizational transparency. An increasing workforce meant that payroll processing and management was an immediate concern for DDFC.

SigmaTec Unify offered a comprehensive, affordable, adoptable and adaptable payroll management solution, which catered to DDFC’s exclusive business and regulatory requirements in great detail. Apart from deployment services and technical support, SigmaTec also looks after the initial data entry, reports’ customization and business process re-engineering requirements. Consultation is also provided as required regarding the effective usage and the business benefit of modules.

The whole organization is now on a signal data set. The result is a complete elimination of inter-departmental conflict, data confusion and time wastage in reporting.